About Us

We are Kathryn Anne and Greg Watson. We began our journey from farm to table as growers of stone fruit in Young in New South Wales.  Each season we would harvest our fruit and it was delicious.  We sold it to wholesalers and, after three weeks or more in cold storage, it ended up in supermarkets tasting nothing like the fruit we harvested from our farm.

So, one day about 25 years ago we loaded up the farm ute with our fresh picked fruit, drove down to the road and sold boxes of our fruit to passing motorists out of the back of the ute. We became known locally as “the fruit ute”. 

Our road side customers then began asking for fresh farm vegetables, so we went to our neighbours and began selling their veggies from the back of our ute.   

We loved it all, but times and circumstances change and we sold our farm and moved to Nowra on the south coast.  But the farmer does not fall far from the tree. 

For the last 20 years we have owned and operated a family business as wholesale providores of fruit and vegetables to restaurants, clubs and pubs - fresh vegetables from the farmers to the chefs and then to the table.

Our business is pretty simple:


  1. Supply the best possible produce as fresh as possible to the table. We source our produce from growers we know and trust. In addition, fresh produce is gained from the Sydney Markets. Having been farmers we know the value of product varieties and growing/picking methods in their production. We select all the produce ourselves.
  2. Freshness is paramount. Customers place their orders and by Sunday night orders are collated and purchased on the following day, packed that night and delivered Tuesday, this process is done three times a week.

Chefs are very fussy about produce and rightly so.   Our policy of supplying good, fresh food has earnt us valued customers like Bannisters fine dining at Mollymook, the Berry Hotel and the Inasmuch Retirement Village among many others.

The Covid-19 has meant that many of our traditional wholesale customers, who are also are friends, have closed down temporarily.  We feel for them and all their employees.  We maybe all stuck at home, but there are still farmers and there are still people who want to eat good, fresh food.

So, the original fruit ute is back on the road offering to supply you directly with great fresh food delivered to your home at a great price. Somethings have change, however.  The ‘Ute’ has gotten bigger, is refrigerated and our business possesses a quality assurance program, HACCP accredited.

This is essential to ensuring a high level of health and handling requirements are met.

We will all get through this together, 

Best wishes

Greg and Kathryn Anne Watson